Welcome Message from Founder Mary Valentine

Entering the first decade of the twenty-first century, I personally saw a variety of foundational moments that would ultimately contribute to the creation of the nonprofit, Sacred Art in Action, in West Virginia.  I was seeing simple spiritual truths becoming unique artistic experiences.  These artistic experiences were becoming, over time, an emerging project to preserve and restore the understanding of the methods and techniques used to create the great arts of antiquity.  The great arts of antiquity were and are powerful vehicles of prayer and personal expression.

Sacred Art in Action deeply infuses a Catholic, ecumenical and multi-cultural reverence that elevates the creative processes and intensifies and augments the artistic spiritual aspects of all art forms.  All of humanity is invited to become engaging and willing participants in a divine plan, sharing a divine intellect that plants the seeds of creativity, inspires reverence and publicly exhibits this reverence.  It is a not only a calling to visual artists, musicians, writers, actors, entrepreneurs, pastors and professionals in all aspects of creativity, it is a calling to everyone to participate in God’s divine plan.  This plan is a caring for a culture of beauty.  Dostoevesky’s and others writing that “Beauty will save the world” is a powerful truth in a world needing powerful, spiritual truths.

We are a start-up nonprofit.  Even so, it is best to remember, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  – Vincent Van Gogh

All of us involved in Sacred Art in Action extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us in building our nonprofit so that we can help fulfill this divine mission of preserving and perpetuating the sacred arts of yesterday and the sacred arts that enrich our lives today.  This contributes to the greater glory of God!

Some ways you can join us:

  • Take a sacred arts workshop
  • Teach a sacred arts workshop
  • Sponsor a workshop at your studio, gallery, retreat center or parish center
  • Volunteer – Share professional skills and expertise in such arenas as grant-writing, fund-raising, marketing
  • Be a Patron or Benefactor
  • Contribute lectures, demonstrations
  • Pray for us

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