Saturday, March 9, 2024
1:00 – 5:00 PM
Registration Deadline: March 2, 2024

Course Description

Come dye Pysanky eggs with us!! With a backdrop of Ukrainian folk music as well as folk tales read to you from Pysanky egg books, you will learn beginner skills that will enable you to “write” beautiful Pysanky eggs! Many tips will be shared, and you will receive instructional handouts. The purpose of creating Pysanky, according to Ukrainian folk tales, is to transfer goodness from the household to the designs which helps restrain evil in the world. Once varnished, the decorated egg is quite sturdy although still breakable. This is an image of the egg that we will be creating during this workshop and that you will be able to bring home.

The art of Pysanka (singular) (from Ukrainian very “pysaty” – to write) dates from antiquity.

From a Christian perspective, the symbolism of the egg represents the rebirth of man. Christians treat the egg as a symbol of the tomb from which Christ arose. The pysanka is made during the last week of Lent per the Catholic and Orthodox calendars. To give a pysanka is to give a symbolic gift of life.

Our hope is that you will be inspired to learn more about this beautiful art form and enjoy creating these beautiful eggs.


March 9, 2024
1:00 – 5:00 PM


Zion Episcopal Church (Mason House)
221 E Washington St
Charles Town, WV 25414


Beginner Level. Open to adults and children ages 12 and up.

$45 per person

The cost of the workshop includes one-half day of instruction and all supplies and materials. Please make checks payable to:

Palette and Quill Studio, LLC
185 Potomac Crossing Street
Charles Town, WV 25414

Cynthia Huesman

All questions can be referred to Cynthia Huesman ( or text only: 681-242-0449 or Sacred Art in Action (

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